October 25, 2012

Life Goes On

And we’ve got rain! It has rained twice before (since last winter!), but both times I was at work, and when you’re indoors, you don’t really notice it. This time I was at home, it’s a holiday, because it’s the Eid  tomorrow, the feast of sacrifice. Or after tomorrow, it depends on the moon. There’s quite a science behind the beginning of islamic holidays, as they are related to the moon’s cycle , and it’s not always clear on what day they begin. 
My daughter’s Arabic teacher asked the class if they all had received new clothes for the Eid. It seems that traditionally, all muslim children get new outfits on the first day of that holiday. A rather odd question, since not all children in her class are muslim. Since we’re a little haphazard when it comes to celebrating things, she was wondering when her new outfit was going to come? Well, it’s Halloween the week after, so there you go; you’re new outfit, I replied. She’s going as a hippie, and she is quite pleased about that. 
Pity about the rain though, because I was supposed to have an outdoor dinner party tonight. Ah yes, life goes on, and rather vibrantly as well. Somebody on FB made the remark “Nobody party's like the Lebanese after bombs..”, and it’s quite true. I am sure this phenomenon has been extensively researched and given a name. But life goes on.
Oops, the rain has stopped already.


joseph said...

so true about life going on. i had dinner in the achrafieh tonight, not more than two streets away from the bomb blast, and the restaurants were packed.

Anonymous said...

I rang my uncle last week to make sure all are safe and all he wanted to do was to make sure we were all coming,from Australia, for his son's wedding in May 2013. you're right.