October 31, 2012

365 Days to (try and) Stay Positive in Lebanon’

Alright, today there is some blatant plugging! 

You know how around Christmas time everyone is scrambling around to buy gifts for friends and family? 

You probably started out too late, pay check is spent as well halfway the month of December, and there you are; with little money left, no gifts for quite a number of people, no time on your hands, and no ideas either.

Well, here’s the gift for the holiday season at a very pleasant price! An agenda called 365 jours pour rester positif au Liban’ 
It’s got character, it’s customized to our lives in Lebanon with some 365 tips, ideas and/or ‘did you know’ facts that will help you stay positive while living in Lebanon; all 365 days of the year. And boy, that’s not always easy in this place.

And so here you are, a little agenda, totally made for your life in Lebanon. (Make sure to check February 4th ! :) 
The agenda will be for sale in any bookstore, or go check it out now at the   Salon du Livre Francophone”   in Biel until November 4th in  BIEL (Stand Tamyraz

And the picture was stolen from this web site, because lots of people are plugging it. Good marketing director, I say. 

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