August 24, 2012

The Neighborhood Dikkaneh X

Near universities and government institutions, the neighborhood dikkanehs specialize more in a junk food type of assortment; chips, ‘bebsi’, chocolates (especially the variety that is produced in Turkey, which is of a low cocoa-high sugar content), cigarettes and cups of coffee. The more advanced ones will even offer photocopying as a service.

Sietske is not in Beirut at the moment, but on her annual ‘Trek to the Motherland’. She leaves you every Friday with a typical Lebanese neighborhood ‘dikkaneh’, also called mini-market. They are all situated in Beirut. The exact road & neighborhood are indicated on the picture itself. These little stores have all disappeared in Holland; fallen victim to the big supermarket chains. But here in Beirut, we still have them. This is number 10 in a series of 12. Enjoy, while I enjoy my holiday.

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