May 01, 2012

Dutch Queensday in Lebanon

The Dutch really have only two traditions when it comes to celebrations, and in good Dutch spirit, they’re not religiously affiliated (well, one originally may have been in a distance past): St. Nicolas and Queensday . St. Nicolas is really for young children, but Queensday is for everyone. On Queens Day, April 30,  we celebrate the birthday of the Queen, although her birthday isn’t really on April 30; it’s the birthday of her mother. But once you’ve set a date, you might as well stick to it. 

Poffertjes bakken; another Dutch tradition.

Queensday is known for its large scale nationwide celebrations and everyone is decked out in orange, because the Queen belongs to the House of Orange. I bet Aoun would like to claim that fame, but sorry dude, that color was taken a loooong time ago.

The Queens Day organizer (well, not the only one) on the right

We used to celebrate it here in Lebanon with a lukewarm reception at the embassy. These days, the lovely Tineke (en friends) has taken up the task to make it a happening in Lebanon too. And so we gathered last Sunday, to celebrate.

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Fadi said...

Here April 30th is Valborg's eve, which basically is the day every person in Sweden goes out to the streets and parties with everybody else..

.. that didn't stop the Dutch living in Sweden from bringing their flags and orange feather boas to remind us all it was Queen's day :)