May 24, 2012

Djeezz . . .

. . . I didn't think you guys were going to take that 'burnt diner' seriously. Well, the 'personal dispute' was not over my dinner. My son is negotiating not going to school. Haha, dream on baby. You are going to school. You're dealing with a Dutch here.

Caracas shooting after personal spat wounds 3

May 24, 2012 02:45 AM

BEIRUT: A soldier and two policemen were wounded Wednesday evening in what media reports said was a personal dispute in the Beirut neighborhood of Caracas.
The National News Agency blamed a “drunken” man in the neighborhood for shooting an unspecified weapon near the headquarters of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, while several rounds of RPG fire were reported by residents afterward.
Media reports said one Army soldier and two members of the Internal Security Forces were wounded after the authorities intervened.

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Two dead, six hurt after Beirut shootout

Lebanese security forces stormed a building in the capital Beirut Thursday following a shootout overnight with a man who was holed up inside a flat, an AFP correspondent at the site said.
A security official said the gunman was killed and the body of another man was found inside the flat located on the sixth floor of a building in west Beirut's Karakass district.
The army and police rushed to the site late Wednesday after reports of gunfire.
The man subsequently lobbed grenades and began shooting at the security forces from his flat. At least six people were wounded.
The cause of the incident was unclear.
The shootout came amid heightened tension in Lebanon, where deadly sectarian violence has taken place in the last two weeks linked to the unrest in neighbouring Syria.

-AFP/NOW Lebanon
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Update: They got the guy(s). Poor son Now he has to go to school.

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