April 06, 2012

There is something magical about that first ride of the year to the beach. You’re on the highway, you got the day off, the sun is shining, the traffic is light, the kids are chattering in the back of the car, and you’ve got all the time in the world. I drive this highway often, and often with sun, on a day off, with kids in the back. Yet the idea that you are going off to the beaches, that’s makes all the difference in the world. It reminds me of all the rides to the beaches that I’ve made; the ones on Highway 101 in Huntington Beach, in Nice, or Esperance, Australia.  There’s this ‘first day of the holiday’ feeling; all free, and an entire holiday in front of you. It reminds me of being in my early twenties, without any responsibilities. I had no house, no money and no attachments. I could go and sleep wherever I wanted. No need to be serious, no need to worry about your study, no need to think about a career (yet).

I’ve packed my skis, and got to call my sailing instructor to tell him we’re back in the game. I wonder if he still remembers us. I wonder if his phone number is still working. He is leading that kind of life now; no money, no house, no responsibilities. What more could you possibly want from life? Just live on the beaches.

Fog on the beaches!

And so today was the first beach day. The beaches aren’t open yet, meaning you pay no cover charge. But the waiters were there, and the chair and parasol boys were there, and so were the waves. We had some 12 Dutch/half-Dutch/semi-Dutch kids running around the place.
I've never seen fog descends so fast, and so locally. T'was really cool and added to the atmosphere. 

At the end of the days, we got the funkiest fog ever! Never had a fog like this. Suddenly, out of the blue sky, from the south, in came this fog and the beach was enveloped in a thick cloud, temperature dropped a good 6 degrees, and that was the end of the day. 
It didn’t matter. Summer is in town! And it is promising to be one of the best ones yet. Now all we can hope for is that the Israelis don't start bombing and f*#@ everything up. Or the local politicians. Or the militias. Or our eastern neighbors. Or the guys on the Arabian peninsula. Or . . . 

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sietske, thank you for this beautiful post! Is it Edde Sands?
Happy Easter!
Your blog reader, Olga