April 09, 2012

On the Boardwalk

If you’re planning a walk on the boardwalk of the Beirut Marina (Zaitouni Bay), keep in mind that the boards are separated by about half a centimeter each. Just perfect for a heel to get caught in. Which means you’ve got to keep your eyes on the floor, and then you won’t be able to see who is seeing you.

Just a thought.

Update: Well, you can't say I stole the line, because I was first. Read what it says in the New York Times of April 13 about that board walk:

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Down a ramp from Beirut’s clamorous seaside road, motor yachts bob along a curving waterfront promenade. Tablecloths gleam white, and bottles of wine sweat in silver coolers. The boardwalk’s rough planks, a nod to maritime authenticity, present a design flaw perhaps foreseeable in this city: Women with Louis Vuitton handbags are forever extracting their spike heels from the cracks.

Read the rest.

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