April 24, 2012

If You’re Looking for Love . . .

Heart # 1

. . . then I found plenty of hearts for you. This time it was a beach picnic after the limestone cliffs of Chekka. Another pebble beach. The kids were in no mood to collect stones for me today; the sea was too tempting. And so I employed the housekeeper and my 96-year old father to look for stones. 

This could be a flag design

I am fascinated by stones. Not only the composition of them, but the shape. And the color. In my next life, I intend to be a geologist. Maybe I should quit my job, and go to AUB to become a geologist. But by the time I’ll be done with my studies, I am afraid there isn’t much of a market of geologist over ‘a certain age’.


I fear ever having to move. The junk I have accumulated over the past 20 years in this country is mind-boggling. And I mean MIND BOGGLING. I am forever complaining about my hubbie’s ever growing collection of CD’s; I mean, where are we going to stack them all? He’s got enough music to play them for an entire year without ever having to repeat a single song. 

This stone was stuck in the other stone

But if you go and check out my stuff; I’ve got boxes filled with shells, pinecones, seed pods, fossils, sea urchins, star fish, collections of blue colored chinaware fragments, shell fragments and cutlery that has seen better times. And lots of odd things I’ve picked up. Just odd or bizarre. I could open a museum of natural science in my house.


I’ve got stones with holes in them, stones shaped like hearts, stones in shapes that remind me of other things, funny colored stones and just stones that are so incredibly round and smooth you just have to take them home.


If ever I have to move, what will I explain to the movers?  About all those stones, and shells and things that are really not worth anything (except in the eye of the beholder).  Some of these things I have been dragging around since I was 15 (such as the shards of blue chinaware. Always intended to do some art project with it; never got around to it. As it is, they’re still waiting),

Beach Bums
 My daughter clearly has inherited my genes. You should see the things she drags home; branches . She’s only 9, and her collection of odds and ends is extensive. This Sunday I found plenty of stones with holes, but since there were no trees around to string them up, I had to do something else with them. And so we made little feet.

I have to be honest, the feet weren’t my creation. A good friend (thank you Tineke) sent me the idea last week after she saw my stones dangling in a tree on the beach. She got it from here, so I’ll give credit where credit’s due. 

So there; another think you can do while on the beach.


Anonymous said...

I love how you and your family get out and enjoy every inch of this country in every season! So wonderful. I'd love to be an explorer with you all. Looks like so much fun.

Liliane said...

your posts are so ... lively :D loved the stones feet

Sietske said...

Thank you ladies, you're more than welcome to join me!!

Sareen said...

I LOOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures you posted! What a great job!