April 13, 2012


"You know why men in this country hang their arms out of the car when they drive?” a friend asks me while we drive through town.

I don’t know, I tell her.

Their ego is so big, it doesn’t all fit in the car.

That’s funny. Until I realize that come summertime, I got my arm hanging out of the window too. Then again, I’ve got a pretty big ego as well. So maybe there is some truth to it. Any other 'ego-too-big-to-fit-in-the-car' drivers out there? 


Liliane said...

I do that too... It could be an ego problem :P

Njoycreations said...

If u r on a bicycle this how u indicate wether u r going left or right. In the car its the same when cars were doine before inventing and incorporating some lights in them. True story from my grandpa who had an old before inventing lights in them and had to use his hand to alert the drivers of his next move :)