January 21, 2012

Snowy Slopes

Feraya slopes

Whoever thought that today the weather wouldn’t be nice up in the mountains, or that there would be too many people skiing anyway, or that there would be too much traffic going up, boy, did you make a judgment error! I am glad you did though, because the slopes of Faraya were lovely and reasonably quiet, particularly in the Warde part (the slopes all the way to the left side of the map).
A little cold and foggy in the morning, but by 11 it was sunny, crispy snow and short lines.

H and L (her friend)

I cannot say my daughter was as jubilant as I was. My friends pity my daughter. They say things like ‘poor thing’ and ‘when she grows up she’ll never forgive you for this’ or ‘why don’t you just leave her at home if she doesn’t like it?’ You see, my daughter hates skiing. Not necessarily with a vengeance, but it is an activity that – as far as she is concerned – she can do without. I come from a country where you cannot ski, and people pay a fortune just to go to Switzerland to learn how to ski. I live an hour away from a slope, so it is ridiculous, as far as I am concerned, that she would not know how to ski. And so I religiously drag her to the mountains those 2 ½ months a year that we get snow.

A couple of dare-devils (notice the boy on the bottom; he's jumping off a cliff. Could be my son, except I know he's a boarder. It's probably a good thing I don't see him snow-board; my heart would stop)

It goes well for a while, but then after one fall, the moaning and whining begins. It helps if you drag along other munchkins, it seems to alleviate her incessant suffering. She’ll thank me for it, one day. Or not.

Her brother became an adult this Friday. How did we celebrate it? Well, I saw my son 5 minutes that evening, just as I came in the door back from work and he was on his way out the door on his way to Faraya. I saw him maybe for a split second today on the slopes, as this shadow flew by me and I heard a ‘Hi Mom’, but that might have been someone else’s son. Needles to say no picutre of him on the slope. And now he just got home and crashed on the couch, asleep. I guess we’ll celebrate tomorrow then. If he’s got time.

He wanted a car for his birthday, That plan got axed quite quickly. Apart from the logistical issue (‘Where are you going to park it?” ‘Wherever you need to be the coming 2 years is within walking distance.’ ‘A service is cheaper’ and ‘So who will drive if you had a drink at night?’), it doesn’t really build much character. If he wants a car, he better get a job and work for it. I do not foresee a car in his near future. Not sure what he wants instead of a car. I’ll try and find out when he wakes up.


joseph said...

Thanks for the pics.

Anonymous said...

when he wakes up .... he'll still want a car