January 28, 2012


They said it was going to storm this weekend. And so no one went skiing this today. I am kind of surprised that anyone still believes these weather forecasts because they are consistently two days off. It was a little foggy, and not all slopes were open, but it was lovely. Lovely and quiet, and so you go up and down and up and down.

For those unfamiliar with Feraya; do not think we've got a whole lot of trees on the slopes. These are the only ones

The best part of the day remains the evening though, when the slopes close down, and everyone goes home. It got horrendously icy suddenly, and we saw several cars running into the ditch or each other. My son went down with friends, and their car got banged up on both sides; one side by a lady coming from the opposite directions, the other side by a gasoline truck losing grip. I think somebody’s driver is getting fired tonight.

Going home


Anonymous said...

WAW what beautiful pictures! This is simply AMAZING! Lebanon is a really UNIQUE piece of our planet!

Anonymous said...

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