January 10, 2012

Early Morning

I arrived a little early to work this morning, and so I took my time and made a long-cut (as opposed to short cut, but I am sure it has another name, deviation maybe) as I walked the last stretch along the Corniche. The light was beautiful. And that’s all I’ve got to offer you toda; a view of 'early Beirut;, although 7:00 AM isn't really that early. When I walk my dog at 6:16, people are already up and about.

What really got to me, when I was in Holland this Christmas, was the light. At 9:30 AM it would still be dark, and night would set again at 4:45 PM.  That would mean, in my case, that I’d go to work in the dark, leave work in the dark, and basically not see any (sun)light throughout the winter. And I know that in summer we (as in ‘we Dutch’) have light until 10:30 or even 11 at night, but still, that dark period in winter would be one reason on its own not to go back.

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Mich said...

Love it! I am a morning person and love those peaceful hours before the streets are buzzing. And yes, after 20 days or dark and cold in London, that's why I moved back to the region and am now in Dubai... Viva the sun! :-))