November 08, 2011

Something Funny the Other Day

I am standing with a friend in an elevator in a department store somewhere in the mountains above Rabieh. With us is another lady. At the next floor, a rather heavy-set family - mother, daughter and husband - gets in with the housekeeper. The guy alone must have weighed about 150 kilos. We all get squashed against the wall. I tell me friend in Dutch that I don’t think this elevator is going to move anymore.

And indeed, a red button flashes. Overload.
Yuuh?! Overload?” states the man, as the doors open again.
You go out,” as he motions his daughter and housekeeper out of the elevator, and the doors close again.

But the elevator doesn’t move. Still overload.
He looks around the elevator, but it is clear that none of us is going to get out of this elevator as we came in first, and he cannot ask his wife since she is pushing the shopping cart.
Taib. I go out,” he says.
And the elevator finally descends, with four laughing women (including his wife).
Yuuh, he asks the Pilipino to get out! The poor girl only weighs 2 kilos,” she says.
He must have heard us laughing.

And the weather is (again) fantastic. I am going sailing today. I don’t care if there is wind today or not. I don’t care if dreadlocks will have to blow in the sails to create wind, but I am sailing. And so I leave you with pictures of the Eid crowd on the Corniche yesterday evening. The blog is slowly turning into a photo blog, it seems.


Mich said...

Loooool... and beautiful photos! :-))

PepsiCanPat said...

You went sailing! I thought it was cancelled because of the weather!

Meanwhile I spent half the day at the -secret- waterfall taking hundreds of pictures, and lost feeling in my legs while crossing the freezing river back and forth :-)

Sietske said...

Thank you Mich!
PepsiCanPat, we're trying again today. What do you do with your photos? Am curious.

paul said...

beautiful photos of the Corniche

Pat (The PepsiCan One) said...

Sometimes I post one or two to flickr but usually I post process them to death, and then just leave them sitting on my PC.