October 30, 2011

Lovely Fall Day

Sun rays over Beirut (in the background). The village in the front is Halat (I think).

So I was going to sail today.

Then hubbie commented last night, while it was raining a bit, that “it is very odd it is raining because it is a northern wind.” Don’t ask me how he knows this. I’m living with a weatherman, he can predict the weather up to 3 days ahead, without checking the forecast; he’s his own forecaster, but that may be because he works at/with the sea, and so the weather is of vital importance to him. “I don’t think you’re going sailing tomorrow.”

Fall colors (and so are the next 2)

And then this morning the sailing instructor calls, with the message that “It didn’t say it was going to rain on wind guru, but there is a very heavy thunder storm here right now.” Not great conditions for two amateur sailors.
And so there we were, all packed up and ready to go, but nowhere to go to. So we ended up somewhere else. It was a lovely fall day with lovely fall weather; crispy and wet.  Good way to move into November.

I leave with just some pictures.

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