September 19, 2011

On Bears and Beirut Electricity

A friend of mine moved to Canada last week.

She’d had it – among other things – with the instability and constant threat of violence. She’s lived through 15 years of civil war, several Israeli invasions, and numerous bombardments, uncountable hostilities between factions for one reason or another. She needed civilization.

On her very first week in Canada, a bear wanders into her back yard. A real bear! She had just brought in her dogs, and there she sees – in her backyard – a bear!

I was going to make all these snide remarks (I think I still may) of how her escape to ‘civilization’ will force her to - finally - buy a shotgun for her safety, her very first a shotgun ever.
And that, after surviving Beirut for so many years, you end up getting mangled by a bear, the irony of it all.
But then, while scrolling down the free section of the ITunes App store, I stumble upon this app: ‘Beirut Electricity’.   
Tired of forgetting electricity cutting hours in Beirut, Lebanon?’ . . . Only those living in Beirut will appreciate ‘Beirut Electricity’ because they daily suffer forgetting when the electricity is off.
Sigh. He’s right (the guy  that constructed this app). Here we are, some 20 years AFTER the civil war, some 7 years AFTER our last major bombardment, some 3 years AFTER the latest grand scale street fighting, and we still do not have 24/7 electricity.

Maybe I should opt for a bear in the yard. It’s worth the trade-off.

BTW H, I want a picture of that bear!

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nicolien said...

Now that's a useful app! Does it also update for unexpected electricity cuts? So you can check while you're in the supermarket if you should get the big bottles of water or if, despite careful planning, you will still end up hauling them up to the 8th floor via the stairs...?