September 02, 2011

End of Summer

The summer is running to its end. People are coming back from their travels or coming down from the mountains, and stores are stocking up on ‘back to school’ supplies. My daughter goes back to school this Monday, one of the first in the country, but by the end of September everyone will be back in school or university.

The beaches are slowly emptying. The season wasn’t that busy anyways, now that Ramadan falls smack in the middle of the summer season. But this ‘late summer’ is one of the nicest times to go to the beach. It’s relatively empty and not so hot, and the children catch up with the friends they haven’t seen the entire summer holiday.

A group of mixed Dutch/Lebanese children, with some Lebanese/Tunesian mixed in as well.

I went to one of the older beaches in Beirut, Sporting Club. It’s probably one of the few beaches with a down-to-earth-atmosphere. Not everyone is a size 6, and not everyone’s cup size is an upsized double D. It’s filled with normal Beirutis.
It’s one of the very few that remain intact from the 60’s; all others have been upgraded to white plastic lounge platforms with loud music and complicated cocktails.

This website  calls it ‘A Seaside Getaway to Lebanon's Beacon of Faded Glamour’ and I agree. (Check out the slide show of photographer Rasha Kahil on that link. It's quite nice.)

I like faded glamour. That’s what the end of summer is all about; faded glamour.


nicolien said...

It's also the pool where Sri Lankans, Bangladeshis and Philippinos are not allowed to swim, unfortunately.

Fadi said...

I tend to go to Lazy B in jiyyeh for a relaxing day at the beach (no loud music and whatnot), although every once in a while you do get an impromptu sex show :P

Sietske said...

@ Nicolien,
Do any of these beaches allow housekeepers?
lucky you, although I'd have my doubts about swimming in that pool after the 'deed'. All that sperm floating around. Maybe that's why they do not allow kids in their swimming pool. :)

Nick said...

Good think I stuck to the sea. At lazy B, FYI, maids can come in for free but if they swim they have to pay like everyone else.

nicolien said...

Hoi! Zag nu pas je antwoord. Bij sommige beaches mogen ze (gelukkig) wel zwemmen, de support groep voor migrant workers doet bijna elke zomer onderzoek. Resultaten kun je dan hier vinden:
En bij Sporting mocht een Indiaas-Amerikaanse vriendin van mij er 4 jaar geleden ook niet in, omdat ze er 'vies uitzag'. Ik denk dat ik er ranziger uitzag, maarja, wit met blonde haren...