June 12, 2011

Beirut Dog Show

Beirut dog owners at the BETA Dog Show

The annual BETA Dog Show was on again at the Beirut Hippodrome. After last year’s success  – where our blind, deaf and geriatric bearded collie won first prize in the ‘Best Senior’ Category’ – I had promised my daughter we’d do it again if the dog were still alive. Well, he still is! So I had to go. 
Dragging the dog onto the field

He’s one year older now, 17, and still able to walk, albeit slower and slower. The field of competitors didn’t stand a chance. The poor dog had no idea what was going on, it’s bordering on the abuse (and that in a dog show organized by the Beirut for the Ethical Treatment for Animals), being dragged into the field, and out again, while he’s clueless, but heck, it was for a good cause. BETA was fund-raising.
The competitors join

And fund raising is necessary as I think they’re the only organization in Lebanon that tries to fight animal abuse, which is quite rampant here. Of course, animals are not the only creatures being abused here; I could make a long list. There’s women, housemaids, migrant workers (dare I say Palestinians? Better not) and children. But animals would be definitely on the bottom of that list. 
And he wins again!

Dog ownership seems to be on the rise in my neighborhood, Hamra, judging from the amount of poop that decorates the sidewalks each morning as I walk to work. But with a rise in dog ownership, you get neglected and abandoned animals too. 
Happiest girl in the world

Once the old bearded collie dies, we (actually, my daughter) have decided that the next dog will come from the dog pond of BETA. I pray he makes it another 20 years.