May 27, 2011

What Are the Odds?

Sister Sledge and Earth, Wind & Fire were in town Friday night. For those not familiar with Beirut, we do not get that many good acts playing here. We’re not on the ‘circuit’. Big acts play Dubai or Tel Aviv, but not Beirut. Okay, so we had Shakira last night. But Shakira is for children. For those that know music, Earth Wind & Fire is some serious soul. And Sister Sledge, well, who does not remember ‘We Are Family’ and ‘Lost in Music’? For young readers these names may not mean much, but I am telling you, this is the good stuff! They were up there with Donna Summer, Kool & the Gang, KC & Sunshine Band and all those.
On our way to the concert

And so hubbie got me tickets. 3rd row, smack in front of the stage. I would be able to count their nose hair, so to speak. I was really excited about this. One of the very first concerts I ever went to was Earth, Wind & Fire. And Sister Sledge, well, that was the disco age, and they played them at every party I ever went to. I think I even may have bought that album. I know all their songs by heart. And so to get front seats is almost to good to be true (keep that thought in mind).

Still looking good. Mind you, these ladies were in their 20's in 1971

And off we went. T’was a beautiful night in Beirut, a light breeze. We took the bike, and slowly made our way, alongside the Corniche, to downtown Beirut, where the stage was built, right on the waterfront. The traffic was light, no hassle getting there. It was quite a sight, as some 80 other Harley riders also showed up. Nobody sat in our seat. We didn’t have a 7 foot tall guy sitting in front of us nor a woman with a really tall hair-do. Everything went so smooth. I feel you suspect there’s a snag to this story. (keep that thought in mind)
And see the rain coming down, and the ladies running of stage?

We took our seats, and soon enough, Sister Sledge came on stage. It took me as while to recognize them. I remember them in these tight one-piece disco suits. Well, they’re respectable ladies in black now. But the voices were still there. And so I was up already at the second song! This was promising to be good. And Earth, Wind & Fire would be even better! (keep that thought in mind)
Here we're still not quite convinced that it is really not going to stop raining

And then. . . . it rained. What are the odds? It is May in Beirut. I can give you statistics on the possibility of rain in Beirut in May, okay! And yes, while I go – for once - to this one open-air concert a year, it rains. It rained!!!!   Sister Sledge left the stage after the second song, and that was it. We never even got to see Earth, Wind & Fire.
And everyone went home, end of concert

And so we went home again. And instead of watching Eath Wind & Fire, I'm sitting here and blog.

Back home, this time in the rain


Nick said...

indeed! I don't feel so bad now, as this sometimes happens to others. Back in my yacht racing days, we would often (and almost sincerely) offer up a sacrifice to the one true god: "Otis" the ancient god of -mostly- bad luck.

Anonymous said...

don't feel about about not seeing Earth Wind and Fire - at least you got to see Rain!!

sorry - couldn't help myself

Mathius said...

Thanks for sharing, now I don't feel guilty I decided not to go.

Marie Nakhle said...

ughhh that's disappointing.. btw BMAF announced that "all holders of the tickets EWF/SS can exchange their tickets at VIRGIN for any other concert of BMAF for same value (choice of 8 concerts)"

Marillionlb said...

"I would be able to count their nose hair, so to speak", which should not come as a surprise as unwanted hair tends to gorw in odd places at a certain age :)
Shame though that the organizers were not prepared fgor such an eventuality especially since rain was predicted for the week-end.
N.B: I still have such LP's and listen to them on occasion.

Life with Subtitles said...

I always got the impression that Beirut is the venue where bands come to die.
We get to see some great bands perform, only they're about 20 years past their prime.

As for the rain, I wonder: Where's the festival spirit of sticking around for the show even if you're drenched and walking in mud ? I guess there's an age (and a people) for everything, and this was just the wrong crowd :P

Cheers !

Anonymous said...

Third row, and chairs? Godalmighty...

Sietske said...

Life with Subtittles: I like that quote: ' always got the impression that Beirut is the venue where bands come to die.' You are right about that.
Marillion: I tell you, it was all old-timers there, and the funny thing is everyone commented on that themselves.
Marie: I'm going to the Supertramp guy (another 'end of the road' band), but should be good!
Nick; The concert the day after was also cancelled!
Mathius: still, you missed this experience!

Life with Subtitles said...

Sietske I saw Roger Hodgson (the supertramp guy) when he came to Byblos a few years ago. He was alone on stage throughout the entire concert, and it was amazing. I'm pretty sure he's going to rock this time around as well. Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

so what if it rained. odd reason to stop a show!

Danielle said...

I was at this same concert! What a disappointment, right? Did you end up returning the tickets? I haven't done so yet..but I should! Blahhh Earth, Wind, Fire..and RAIN! Were you part of the Harley procession? That was soo cool!