May 16, 2011


Sunset in my street
I got a message from work. It seems May 25 is going to be a public holiday after all. That is Liberation of the South Day.  And as far as May 19 is concerned, ‘plan accordingly.’ That’s a euphemism for ‘if you can make it to work.’ A general strike has been announced over – among others – the ever increasing gasoline prices. This often results in burning tires on major roads in and out of the city. On Wednesday the teachers are on strike. Why? It seems they haven’t gotten their salaries yet from last year. Last year! What do they live on? How do they pay their grocery bills?  
Sunset from Sporting Club
The sunsets in this place are good though. This one's from Sporting, one of the older and more normal city beaches


Danielle said...

Sporting is one of my favorites! The view, the food (the fish), and the sun. The place hasn't change in what,,50 years?

And what do you mean teachers haven't gotten paid since last year? What the hell? And as for the 19th..good thing I don't drive.

Nick said...

I can definitely see myself sipping a cold lager watching that sunset, waiting for the green flash as it slips under the horizon (on very special sunset days!)