May 21, 2011

Colors of Beirut

Every city has its color. Architecture, cloud covers, vegetation, local minerals and latitude probably all have to do with that.
Dutch painters in the 1600’s (and later) travelled all the way from Holland to the south of France because the colors and the light was so much better there. Or more inspiring. Or both.
As I picked up my daughter from a birthday party yesterday afternoon, the city went through all its color changes in a matter of three quarters of an hour. That’s how long it took me to cross 7 kilometers of Beirut.
Beirut’s color is slightly pinkish. A little rose-yellowish with an orange hue. These colors are at its best at sunset and the city is streaked with sun rays casting their beams over the Mediterranean.
The windows in the mountains reflect the sun, and little orange diamonds flicker all over the mountain side as the sun sets. It’s my favorite time of the day. I find the light and color of Beirut inspiring. 


Nick said...

Lovely shots- of course most of yours are- I'm really beginning to get a feel for Beirut reading the few blogs I've singled out. Yours gives me a real "day to day" sense, plus, when I first saw maps of Lebanon, I thought of all the narrow roads to explore in the mountains and valleys- now I can see some of what that looks like.


Sietske said...

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joseph said...

Great pics!

Anonymous said...

great pics and post.. thanks to share