September 12, 2010

More Hamra

I went out and walked Hamra last night. Hot hot hot!! And I am not talking about the music. Gosh, why is it still so hot in September?
McZeineDin                                     Fuad Itayim and Mounir Khauli

There were people and there was music. But somehow the music did not quite fit all the people. Or actually, the other way around. The people did not quite fit the music. Some of it. I kind of liked McZeineDin. And I enjoyed Itayim and friends too.
There was stuff to buy.
There were Photo exhibitions of Hamra. This picture of the 'Bozo the clown' type of man? If you are a regular of Hamra, you've seen him. He's been there every day for the past 20 years, exchanging money.
And there were big men carrying teeny weensy little dogs around. (Have they heard of Paris Hilton?) These guys are so ready for kids. Girls, these guys need to get married soon!
Balloons of course.
And then there was this. I think I’m pretty tolerant but what’s the story with this full facial garb? I hope they’re not locals, but just tourist. I can’t imagine why you would want to so totally shield yourself of society. Are we so evil?
I'm going off into the country today. No Hamra for me today. But the music continues.


Anonymous said...

I have a not so proud memory of myself as a child in Faraya. There were the "tent gulfies" there (as my mother so unPCedly called them) and I was so in awe/shock of them that I chased them with a camera and took pictures of them. I still have the pictures and I cringe every time I see them. But I agree. Why would you wall yourself away from society? What am I taking away from you when you show me your face? If anything, eye contact establishes our mutual humanity. So really, they are taking my humanity away from me and giving me nothing in return.

If anything, there are causing me to give them even more attention than I otherwise would.

Danielle said...

Again, great photos! Yes, I have to say, it was a tad bit too hot for my liking..I was wiped out after spending the afternoon walking up and down the streets..