August 29, 2010

Beirut Belly

The incredible humidity, and the copious amounts of ‘kibbeh neiheh’ (raw meat) consumed the past three nights have not agreed with my body systems. And as such I am confined to the home, more specifically, the bathroom. Which is particularly annoying since August is the month of ‘The visitors’. It seems there are more Lebanese living abroad than in Lebanon, and they all flock back in summer, particularly in August. They all need to be invited out by the extended family, and they – in turn - invite the extended family out, and so it is night after night on the town. I’ve stuck it out an entire week, but then had to capitulate. The rest of the family of course is continuing their tour of the restaurants, cafes and clubs. I, in retrospect, am grateful that I am not a socialite. This going-out business is tiresome and stressful. Apart from the fact that I went through my entire wardrobe in about a week, it is difficult to have small talk night after night. And holding in your stomach is no simple feat either. And one night we spent in a place where they put these huge fans all over the place in order to cool off customers. I am telling you, it was like having dinner in a wind tunnel; all the ladies looked like Tina Turner in no time.

It is now waiting for September, when things will get back to normal again.


Danielle said...

I know what you mean! Eating is a national past time here in Lebanon, I don't know how people do it! Thankfully, I'm still relatively new here, and don't have too many occasions on which to socialize over a massive feast..and every time I do, it takes a week to recover from the amount of food and drink! All this to say it sounds like it's GYM TIME!

anna said...

Sietske, I'm sorry for you. Being sick of raw meat is awful. Hope you get well soon. On the other hand, it's 11 degrees in the Netherlands at the moment, so I would rather be in Beirut..

Theo said...

Siets will survive. She knows the feeling of being sick on food or drinks all to well, I can tell you!

Salamtak, Siets!!