May 12, 2010

Window on Wednesday

Things are a little slow these days; all I seem to be doing is running errands. The beach season is starting, so the picnics in wild & exotic places has been placed on the back burner for the moment. My parents have finally reached Europe, so that is it for a while as the discovery of Roman ruins in far and forgotten places is concerned. 7 more weeks of school for the kids left, summer is definitely in sight.
And so – for lack of anything more interesting to blog about - I decided I will leave you with my extensive collection of Lebanese windows, one a week.


angie nader said...

i wonder if they painted the window yellow to match the fruit tree

Anonymous said...

Andre Kalafyan, a lebanese artist, he paints windows and doors, the kind that give me the shiver, those windows you're posting on your blog are, for me, as precious as the roman ruins, I'm glad that they still exist!

Your blog is amazing, from time to time it's the place I go to when I'm home sick.