May 26, 2010

Window on Wednesday III

A Dutch-Lebanese (or Lebanese-Dutch) reader, Roula, mentioned how these windows made her homesick. I agree, these windows are quintessential Lebanese. And although based on the French model, the shutters in Lebanon are different from the shutters in the French Mediterranean.

She mentioned Andre Kalfayan, who paints doors and windows. I checked his site. Very appealing. (Thank you, Roula)

Jean Pierre Arcile, a French (?) artist who recently had an exposition in a restaurant called Tawlet, also did some windows. This one, unfortunately, was sold already.

I’ve got a thing for windows and doors. Another blogger in Beirut, Mary Ann, finds them equally interesting. Anyone else inspired by windows?


Marillionlb said...

They remind me of my childhood in Zoukak el Blat.

nic said...

:) I have a folder on my computer specifically for pictures I took of doors and windows (most of them from Lebanon)... so you could say I'm inspired by them, yes!

nicolien said...

Ja, dat was ik dus, hierboven... mijn computer is sneller dan ik!

Georgia Paterson Dargham said...

Definitely - windows, balconies and roofless buildings! (I have a slideshow called Walls and Windows over at Also enjoyed your write up on Mleeta - I had been wondering what the museum was like.

Joe said...

I really like the windows and doors.
I always take photos of them.
I have no idea why I just love it