May 02, 2010

On Rain and Sunday Picnics

This reminded me of this poem of  'maggie and milly and molly and may'

I’ve been told since Wednesday that it was going to rain over the weekend. And not just a little bit either. A serious downpour. My father-in-law cancelled his Sunday garden brunch, and some friends received a call that their hike to the Saninne mountains was postponed due to the ‘unfavorable weather conditions.’ Rain was expected.

I guess we’ll have to go and picnic then,” said Allyson, a fellow Dutchie.
Catching crabs with your Crocs

Outdoors?” said the old aunt in surprise, “But they say it’s going to rain!”
We Dutch are used to rain. We don’t get anything but rain where we come from. If we’d cancel anything because of the rain, there wouldn’t be any outdoor activities ever.

So we planned a picnic by the seaside.
And as a punishment for ignoring the weather forecast and organizing a picnic on a rainy day, we all got seriously sun burnt. It was warm, it was hot. And the sun shone ALL day. I didn’t see one drop of rain. And there was a lovely breeze by the seaside. And we saw nobody. Of course not, everyone stayed at home because it was going to rain.
Another lovely Sunday with friends and family.

For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) it's always ourselves we find in the sea
(Poem by e.e.cummings)
And this dog is going to have a serious hangover tomorrow!


BabaGannouj said...

Hmmmm, could this have been a sinister plan to prohibit people from not planning to go and vote in municipal elections?

angie nader said...

looks like you had a wonderful sunday :)
the dog is to cute!