May 18, 2010

Did I Miss Something?

After this very uplifting post on beaches in Lebanon, something more down to earth.

A friend of mine is asking why, since my holiday starts somewhere in June, I have my airplane ticket booked for July?
Why not?” I ask her.
Well, because of the war,” she replies. “Better get out right away.”

Right away?

Then I receive an e-mail from a colleague in journalism.

If war breaks out in Lebanon, do they close the border with Syria? I am just wondering how much time I have to get into the country in case that happens,” he writes. “Just a thought.”

Just a thought?

Did I miss something?


Anonymous said...

Well if war breaks out soon you will all be riding donkeys over there. Good you had this training last summer :) Y.

Anonymous said...

If and only If!
I am as optimistic as you and I hope nothing breaks out this year as we are keeping the donkeys for Y to use for his own entertainment..
thanks for your support Y!

Dani said...

There will constantly be talk of war in Lebanon..people are prone to worry..and they have to talk about something!

I for one think it will be a smoooooth summer..