January 13, 2010

A Service Announcement

A Dutch Evening in Beirut. Yes, you could be one of the in-crowd in the exclusive Dutch community! If you’re into Dutch Cuisine (yep, you read that right, the Dutch have a ‘cuisine’, and the quotation marks are in order here), then here’s your chance.

Tomorrow evening, Thursday, January 14, you have the choice of the following totally & traditional Dutch Winter Dishes:

Boerenkool met worst

Zuurkool met worst

Hutspot met gehaktballen

You don't know what kind of food that is? All the more reasons to come!

Where? The Rising Phoenix, Ain el Mreisseh.
Time? 8 p.m. (yep, we dine early)

Please call Anne at 03-265761 or mail her for reservations.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I'll come. Saw the pics and ehh... well, stil have some zuurkool at home. Thanks anyway. Y.

Miss Footloose said...


Is er iets fout gegaan met de foto's?

Sietske said...

I think I've got hacked or msoemthing, but no matter how I link my foto's to something, they end up linking to something else. Might J. or Y have a hand in this? I'll just make you use you imaginhation on the food then.

Sietske said...

Y. en J. ik verdenk jullie ervan, typisch J. zijn humor, maar ik heb mijn paswoord veranderd, probeer het nu nog maar een keer.
S :)

Sietske said...


Marieke said...

WAAAAARRRR kun je boerenkool vinden in Libanon? aaaah! ik wil ook!

Anonymous said...

Nou die boerekool van Sietske, daar ben ik niet zeker van dat je dat lekker gaat vinden. Y.