December 24, 2009

No Mail

From the LibanPost website

If you have any query regarding Libanpost, the company or its services, kindly fill in this form and we will get back to you within 2 business days.

And so I mail the following:

December 18, 2009

Regarding; Mail Not Arriving

Dear Sirs,
on December 1st, I mailed 25 Christmas cards from Beirut to a variety of destinations in Europe and North America. I had stuck the correct amount of stamps on the envelopes (according to your postal worker), and dropped them into a yellow Liban Post mail box at the end of Hamra, right near the crossing of Sadat street.
Now that I have arrived in Holland, I am surprised to learn that I seem to have arrived before my Christmas cards. My question is the following: “Do you empty that mailbox regularly?”
Best regards,
Sietske in Beirut

December 23, 2009

Regarding; Mail Still Not Arriving

Dear Sirs,
I sent you a mail regarding mail not arriving. You mentioned that you would get back to me within 2 working days. We are now 3 working days further, and I have not yet received a reply. Christmas is after tomorrow, and so there will be no mail delivery after tomorrow. I am pretty sure now that my 25 Christmas cards will not arrive in time.
Best regards,
Sietske in Beirut

December 24, 2009

Regarding; No Mail Yet?

Dear Sirs,
Tomorrow is Christmas. I just got the last mail delivery in before Christmas, but my Christmas card was not among it. Do you actually check your inbox? You have not replied to either of my mails.
Best regards,
Sietske in Beirut

Reply from LibanPost: Your message has been sent successfully.


Fadi said...

It would have been faster if you took them with you to Holland and handed them by hand hehe
This is really ridiculous. The 2 business days are only to make it look like a serious company. Like everything in Lebanon, procedures just don't work. I wish your cards simply arrive.
Merry Christmas from Beirut!

nicolien said...

Haha! Well, we sent about 60 wedding invites via LibanPost to all over the world - stuck the stamps on them in front of the lady at the post office and then handed them to her personally -, and had an arrival rate of about 30%. So yeah... I don't think the issue is with emptying those pretty yellow boxes.

Delirious said...

Oh... then I should consider myself lucky :)

I sent a package with LibanPost (DVD + book + card) to France, and it arrived three days later!!

Merry Christmas Sietske!!

Anonymous said...

Haha..I am glad I finally find somebody in Lebanon who has also problems with Libanpost. Every time I file a complaint with them, their response is that I am the "only" person in Lebanon that has problems in sending lettres to Holland... -;). The last time I sent Christmas cards they arrived in February...

Theo said...

My mail normally arrived correctly... have I been lucky?

Merry christmas!

angie nader said...

Libnanpost sucks!
lets see....2 times my mother send gifts to us....they never showed up...but when i went to the post office..they did let me know that postal worker dropped them off at door...
so eaither the trash guy took my gift...or the post person did...
even last year we sent gifts to family...and when they arrived in family had to pay almost $200 USD customs fee....i never heard of that before.