November 10, 2009

What do you do with two bickering girls in the house? You take them out. One wanted to go out on an ‘adventure’, the other wanted to go out ‘exploring.’ Either that, or biking in downtown, they said. And so I took them on an ‘explorative adventure’. I took them to the Walnut River op North, in an area known for its olive groves; Koura. Last time we went there, we saw all kinds of wildlife, including a beautiful snake. It has rained a little the past week, and so everything is incredibly green. It’s like we are on are on a second spring. I had hoped for some Indian summer colors, but we were obviously too early. We tried to hike the riverbed itself, but had to give up because of the water. The river is still dry, but puddles have set in parts of the canyon of the river. We climbed a few of these obstacles, but it got harder and harder, and the dog refused to come along after a while. But that was fine with the girls; nothing’s better than puddles and mud. I think it's the Dutch genes.And trees to climb. The olives were still on the trees, but the harvest has started in some parts of the area. I’m not sure about the difference between green and black olives. I prefer the black ones, hubbie has a passion for the green ones. They say that it all depends on the time of the harvest, but that both black and green come from the same trees. I don’t know. The best olives I ever ate (for breakfast, mind you, they do that here), were purple olives from Jordan. At least, I ate them in Wadi Rum, in Jordan. Who knows, they might have imported them from Greece for all I know. They ended up covered in mud. I’m glad I could deliver this one to her Mom after 5, when it was dark already, so they cannot see the state her clothes are in.
Of course, while driving them home at 6 o’clock , they both ‘confessed’ (giggling from the back seat) that they hadn’t done their homework yet. Thanks ladies.

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Francine said...

Still better than telling you at breakfast they didn't do their homework :)