November 13, 2009

Dutch Man Arrested at Beirut Airport for Smuggling Drugs

Now and then you read things that get your attention. From today's newspaper:

Security forces at Beirut airport arrested a Dutch man who was trying to smuggle drugs to the Netherlands, the National News Agency reported Thursday.NNA said that suspicion fell on Peter F., 68, when he was passing through a detection machine at Rafik Hariri international airport before boarding a Turkish airlines plane bound for Amsterdam.ISF personnel searched his handbag, which turned out to have an addition layer at the bottom and inside it 10 kilograms of hashish, NNA said.The news agency added that security forces immediately arrested the man and referred him to the central drug control bureau for further investigation.

AnNahar link
Daily Star link

A certain Peter F. was arrested at Beirut Airport with 10K of hashish.
And I am thinking: Why would anyone want to smuggle hashish to Holland, when you can by this stuff in Holland legally? Well, maybe not in quantities of 10K, but heck, you can’t smoke 10K away THAT fast. By the time you’re halfway, the remaining stuff will be old.
And at the age of 68? Maybe one of the old hippies?
I know just about everyone in the Dutch community, but no 68 year old Peter F.’s. I know a Dutch Peter in Beirut, but he’s like 35. I know 68 year old Dutch men in Lebanon, but none of them is a Peter. Maybe one of the Dutch ladies stuffed it secretly in her dads luggage as he came over for a holiday? I know one who would be very capable of doing just that, but her dad is not a Peter either.
With 10K we can assume that he’s not going to smoke it himself, so who’s he transporting this for? Maybe he has his own coffee shop? But at the age of 68? I know that in Holland the government is trying to push the retirement age from 65 to 67, but that’s not this year. So who does Peter know that I don’t know? Just when certain organizations are accusing other organizations of using certain agricultural produce from the Beqaa Valley (nudge nudge) to finance their operations? Hmmmmm.

Intriguing, no?

More on the Dutch law on drugs (opium wetgeving) here.


Fadi said...

Yeah, that's pretty dumb. But in his defense Red Lebanese in (sun-less) Amsterdam tastes nothing like the Red Lebanese in (sunny) Lebanon. i've heard...

Miss Footloose said...

Maybe he intended to move it onward from Amsterdam to somewhere else. Can you buy the stuff in LARGE quantities in Holland? I thought only enough for personal use.

Anyway, very strange.

angie nader said...

10 killos is a lot to hide in a secret pocket..haha

Anonymous said...

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