October 17, 2009

The Rising Phoenix

Last night was opening night for Anne’s pub; The Rising Phoenix. Am I plugging another Dutch business? You bet ya!
Anne is a Dutchie who’s been literally making the streets of Beirut unsafe for some years now. The name of her pub is rather appropriate I’d say. It has nothing to do with Beirut or the Phoenicians. It’s all about Anne. She’s been in car accidents, numerous bar fights, and jail (if I remember correctly), has been shot at, has had intruders and burglars in her house, got married and had it annulled, and featured in rock concerts; all of this in a rather short time span. She in general likes to live her life in a rather ‘condensed’ manner, but every time you think ‘boy, this is not looking good’, she miraculously re-appears reborn; glamorous and all.
Three Dutchies; J, H & A.
(boy, these Dutch women are tall. And we're just average lenght in Holland)

The Rising Phoenix is her project, last night was the opening night, and the mood & music was good. So if you want to spot some Dutch, get over there. It’s called the Rising Phoenix, and it’s at the ground floor of the Phoenix Hotel in Ain em-Mreisseh (around the corner from the Martinez Hotel).


angie nader said...

the turnout looked great!

Serpico said...

Nice I'll try it out whenever I visit Lebanon.

Ginette said...

Ah! That's the secret club Anne told me about when we met her by coincident in a club last July. I'll be in Beirut from next Sunday on, but still with a little boy to feed... As soon as I can get away a night I'll check it out myself.
Lots of regards from golden Germany (will miss the autumn!!)

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