September 27, 2009

Slow Sunday

A nice, slow Sunday. I spent the day in a place somewhere under Deir el Kalaa. I’m not sure if the place has a name. It didn’t show up on my GPS (what else is new?). I found a better map, but am not sure how to download it onto my old GPS. I’m afraid I’m not THAT technically inclined. It doesn’t’ matter; there’s always someone who knows the way.
I had a picnic in Deir el Kalaa. We didn't rough it for a change, and actually had a chair and a table. They’ve got horses in Deir el Kalaa. I myself am more into donkeys, but in Lebanon they like the Arabian horses. Tiny and slender horses, but very skittish too, and playful. One of the horses was busy trying to chase the local farm dog of the field. You’d be surprised, but at some $600, you’ve got yourself already an Arabian horse, but maybe not a thoroughbred. They’re one of the oldest horse breeds in the world (I am told).
It is fun to see how everyone spends the day outside Beirut, and as the evening falls, everyone comes down the mountains surrounding Beirut, and heads back home. A bit like in medieval times, when everyone made sure to be back within the city walls at night fall.

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Chantal Akkary said...

it's a nice place, i went one with my nephew & we played on the trampoline ;)