September 09, 2009

“But Miss, you are not a Pilipino!”

Heard at my daughter’s school.

”Miss, are you fasting?” a child asks her teacher.
No dear, I am not,” replies the teacher.
“Why not?” enquires the child.
I am not a muslim,” replies the teacher.
“You’re not a muslim? Then what are you, Miss?” asks the child.
“I am a christian,” replies the teacher.

A puzzled look appears on the child’s face.

But Miss, you are not a Pilipino!”

Are we going somewhere?


Jad Aoun said...

Oh wow!

I guess the kid is not learning much at school.

What is this world coming to?

angie nader said...

yeah,,,thats pretty sad. i guess she hasnt seen to much of her country, considering the large christian population. even at my sons old school (it was christian) he had many muslim classmates....

Francine said...

No, and not a sisi lanka either...

Just wonder whether the kid might think he can be as rude to the teacher as to the p+s's.
Or might think that thyey are really special :)