June 24, 2009

Summer’s Here!

Neighborhoods kids in a water fight

School’s out for one of my kids. The second one is wrestling himself through finals, but Friday will be his last day as well. And then the summer officially starts.

11 weeks of summer holiday. That’s for the schools with an American/French curriculum. The ones with an Arabic curriculum have even longer summer breaks. Compare that to Holland, where you get 6 to 7 weeks, and even that is considered too long by some.

Why? Because it is difficult for working parents to find child care, and in summer there’s a shortage of manpower. No such problems in Lebanon. The majority of Lebanese women do not work outside their homes, and when they do, childcare is cheap. And I don’t think we have an issue of labor shortage here either.

And the heat is on.

And in case you wonder why there are only boys in the water fight? The girls were in the sand box. It is strange how at a very young age a division of labor seems to take place naturally.