May 10, 2009

Who Broke the Water Pipe!?

The beach goers were greatly entertained today by the – rather late – arrival of this extended family. They clumped onto the beach at 3 o’clock on Sunday, dragging an enormous amount of equipment with them, and set up store on the shore.
And all went well, until – lo and behold - it was discovered that ‘someone’ had broken the water pipe. The water pipe, or at least the glass partition of it, had not survived the transport from home to beach, and here were a number of people, who had been looking forward to pull on the water pipe while lounging on the beach. It was not to be. The ruckus that ensued was tremendously entertaining. A good old family fight (verbal, that is) enrolled itself not more than 10 meters away, but the entire beach could enjoy the verbal abuse that many family members had to endure. Old cows were pulled out of the ditch, long standing grievances were finally verbalized, and dirty laundry was hung out to dry for the entire beach to see, much to the amuse of everyone (except themselves, but they did not notice).

I wonder how it ended, I had to go home.

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