January 12, 2009


It seems as if winter has come and gone again, I thought this afternoon as I walked home from work over the Corniche. It is ‘zonder jassen weer’ which translates (from Dutch) into weather so mild you don’t need to wear a coat. I am waiting for another storm, because this isn’t good for skiing. While walking, I passed by these fishermen playing cards by the seaside

Can I make a picture,” I asked?
“Only if you join us.”

Not today” I replied, although it was very tempting. I still have a dog to walk, grocery shopping to do, kids to feed, work to prepare, a letter to mail, a phone to fix and a husband to remind of our anniversary. Busy day.

But look how absolutely relaxed they are, sitting by the seaside, playing cards. If that is not peaceful, I don’t know what is. And H? Thank you for lending me your camera, because I didn’t have one on me today. But can you please not always put your camera on the lowest resolution? Look at what a crummy result that produces.


kellie said...

The top picture is great - I wish we could see some of your photographs larger.

Anonymous said...

Sietske, ik krijg steeds: "Delivery Status Notification" en geen mail naar jou de deur uit.


Anonymous said...

Kellie, well, I could, but it takes such a godforsaken long time to upload anything due to the speed of the internet here, so I usually resort to low resolution. But I'll try a little bigger in the future. Glad you like them.

ik stuur je even een ander adres door dat altijd werkt.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome. Sorry about the crummy resolution.