December 08, 2008


Sinterklaas (the Dutch Santa Claus, who hands out his presents on December 5th, not the 25th) visited the Dutch children in Beirut this Sunday, while he was on his way back from Holland to Spain. The holy bishop drops by on an annual basis to ensure this purely Dutch tradition continues.
I’ve lived here for quite some time now, and all the children that I have known since they were little are getting a little too old to be sitting on Santa’s lap. They still show up for their presents though! But there seems to be a steady supply of new little Dutchmen and –women, as the floor was crowded with new cloggies.
On my way home, a snapshot from the Corniche, and the local mosque, covered with rope light (Which I bet were not installed by a woman, which explains, according to Simon from Azzi, why they still are working).


Ms. Tee said...

Prachtig! Two Swarte Pete's (Peten?) instead of one! I could never get enough of them.

Anonymous said...

One Zwarte Piet has send another package.
Unfortunate he was far toooo late this year, just send last Friday.
Have fun !!

Kheireddine said...

I am glad to see the Ain El Mraysseh mosque still there, it is one of the oldest buildings in Beirut (built around 1880)

Ms. Tee said...

...and there is Ottoman insignia above the door to testify to its age. But Sietske, if you go to check it out I would take my husband along if I were you. In case the place begins to spark.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and let him ask where they got these lights... not at Simon I guess.