November 06, 2008

Life Is Good

The weather is downright pleasant! The politicians are quiet; they won’t be entering into a dialogue until December, so we’ll have peace until then. The gas prices are (somewhat) dropping, I haven’t had a ‘Do you know what the lowest grade was in class on this test?’-conversation with my son in a while, the transition between my old housekeeper flying home and the new one flying in has been extremely smooth, and my washing machine hasn’t broken down yet, so life – in all aspects – is good. We do have those moments here in Lebanon. We know how rare they are, and so we relish them. At least I do. And thus, another sunset. Sorry.


Kheireddine said...

Sunset on the Corniche is the best time of the day in Beirut! :-)

Anonymous said...

never apologise for showing us pictrues of the corniche!

Anonymous said...

hi there, i love reading your blogs about Beirut.
My husband is being offered a job in Beirut and since weve lived in Dubai, Bahrain and now based in Cairo, we were thinking of relocating there as an expat again.
How safe is it now, are there many expats living and working there?
Appreciate any input you may have.

Thank you
Malou Delamare