November 01, 2008

Dutch Joke (Grapje van mijn broer)

This Dutch T-shirt is a bit of a joke (Dutch joke); I thought it was quite funny. The Dutch will get it. For the non-Dutch, I’ll explain it. These letters are supposed to look like Arabic letters, but when you look carefully, it’s Dutch, and it reads ‘Your mamma’s got a moustache’. Reference to the fact that ladies of Arabic origin not necessarily have more facial hair than their Dutch counterparts, but as they are in general darker, the facial hair just shows more prominent. Hence the ‘Your mamma’s got a moustache’.
It’s an interesting display of how relations are between the Dutch and the Arab community living in the Netherlands.


Lalebanessa said...

I tried to see the joke in this but I really couldn't.
This is simply a racist comment by the person wearing the T-shirt.

Anonymous said...

Actually it is quite funny hahahaha...

Sietske said...

Lalebanesse, I have to agree with you. It's on the racist side. Definitely.