November 15, 2008


My bank calls me. Whether I have a minute.
Well, there’s this offer on a credit card. It’s really a good deal, because it has all these benefits and I’ll never be stuck somewhere without money and the interest is good and basically, there isn’t anything wrong about this offer. The guy’s sales pitch is really good.

Except for one thing. When I come and get the card, I have to bring my husband.

“My husband?”
“Yes, your husband.”
“What for?”
“He has to sign.”
“Sign for what?”
“For the card.”
“But I thought it was for me?”
“Yes it is, but he has to sign.”

Now listen to this. This is my bank, my bank account, my salary, the card will be on my name, my husband has nothing to do with this entire business, he’s not putting money on the account nor taking it off, he doesn’t even do business with this bank, yet he’s got to come in and sign?
Positively archaic.

I remember them calling me somewhere back in March as well, with the same deal. The ‘husband thing’ was an issue then as well. If he’s smart, they’ll write behind my name ‘refuses to bring husband.’


Marieke said...

Argh echt niet te geloven! Ik had het er gister nog over en toen gaf ik jouw verhaal als voorbeeld, en nu open ik je blog en tada! Nog een voorbeeld! Ik was met twee toeristen die zeiden nou, voor vrouwen is 't hier toch wel heel modern. Ik dacht laat ik ze maar even uit de droom helpen...

Nadine said...

The system is pathetic.
Talking of women's rights,
did you see this Hariri foundation campaign?

white orchid said...

wow I thought this only happens in saudi arabia...!disappointing.

poshlemon said...

You're not serious are you? And if you're single, whose signature do you require? Your parents'? I am confused. My bank account is in the uk so to be honest I've never had any experience with banks here in Lebanon.

But, although I know how much you love Lebanon, I don't and this is something to just put me off it even more.

very interesting blog btw :)

Charbel said...

I do't know what bank was that, most probaly a new islamic bank; because ordinary banks in Lebanon would never do that.

Anonymous said...

Als het je daadwerkelijk zou storen, dan kan je terecht in een andere bank. Mijn vrouw heeft nog nooit zo iets dergelijks meegemaakt en die had vroeger toch al verschillende rekeningen.