October 09, 2008


Well, you don’t see that a whole lot anymore in this place.
My guess is they are probably stranded somewhere, or were invited to some monastery of orthodox monks and they’re enjoying the solitude, or maybe they fell down some sinkhole up in the mountains somewhere near Balaa. It’s got to be something benign. Or maybe something weird. Or odd. Or sad, like this case. But it can't be serious, can it?

If it is serious, then things are definitely spicing up in this place.


nicolien said...

Ha! We were talking about this yesterday. Our final theory is that they are hiding out in the Bekaa, and in a few days they will come back up saying they had been kidnapped by Fatah al Islam/Hezbollah/Syrian army. Or that they have smuggled themselves to Syria and fallen in the hands of the Mukhabbarat over there... Endless joy in speculating! (as long as it's likely that they are still alive, of course)

Marillionlb said...

I sure hope for our sake that those two will appear quickly unharmed and that it was nothing more than a question of them taking an extended vacation.
But like I said "I hope".

nicolien said...

Mmmm... mystery over: they have been arrested in Syria and are being charged with 'entering the country illegally' (source: Naharnet). Why is everything here so predictable? ;)

Tarek said...

Lolll... When I read your post, I was kinda pissed by how coldly the tone of it was; you sounded confident that they were fine.. Me I was having images of my head of a Zarqawi style beheading that will first air on Jazeera and show how the Lebanese are not just barbarians in driving!!

You got it right, again!

Marillionlb said...

Syria denied reports that the two US citizens were held on its territory.
And the saga continues I guess.
Anyone fancies a game of cluedo?

Anonymous said...

Marillionlb - sorry, but you're incorrect. The Syrian foreign ministry has confirmed that the 2 have been detained . . . http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081009/ap_on_re_mi_ea/ml_syria_missing_americans