July 02, 2008

See You in September

It is time for the annual trip to the motherland. That is Holland for me. Have a great (read 'peaceful') summer.


Anonymous said...

Als je toevallig in 't zuiden verzeild raakt natuurlijk welkom.

Mieke & Dimphy

Anonymous said...

English please, yes?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, indeed, English please !!
There are many many non-Dutch fans of this blog !!!

Anonymous said...

Well, don't you think that if it's in Dutch it means it's a personal message that no one else is supposed to understand? :o)

Anonymous said...

no, that's not what we think.

Anonymous said...

We don't know you, so we absolutely don't care what you say, but say it in english, clear enough ????????!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your summer Siets, I will see you in August. Maybe I will join you next year... Who knows!

Anonymous said...

Dimphy geeft niks hoor meisje, niks van aantrekken, gewoon Nederlands praten.

Anonymous said...

Lok 7abibté, ya 2albé ou rou7é, ba3d ma fhémté ????!!!!!
Enno, ne7na el lebneniyyé, fina kamen ne7ké ouaraké bala ma tefhamé chi, ya mastoulé !!!!!!!!!!!
Héké bedek ya3né ??????!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Typiquement neerlandais, et purement désolant ! Je rappelle que la langue elle-même est parlée par moins de 20 millions de locuteurs, et fait figure de langue vulgaire.

Charles Quint, d'origine flamande, disait lui-même : "Je m'adresse aux diplomates en français, aux femmes en italien, à mes chevaux en allemand, et en neerlandais à mes porcs !".

Alors, s'il vous plaît, n'écorchez pas davantage nos oreilles sensibles de Libanais avec votre langue à laquelle personne ne comprend rien, et exprimez vous dans un anglais intelligible.

D'avance merci !

Anonymous said...

Esmi shahibi qerty wanooba Shanakaa! Qualoobi Tarotiu kalasha kalsh kalash!! POURQUO! Keahaleem fanurtu hamash smell! Esnirty zanoetsi!

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Well said!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 1:14

Kief hayda mastoulé? Il n'y a que des femmes ici?
Fy ktir libanais qui parlent like this anyway.
Nu chto. Nje problem.
Wat maakt het uit.
Al ta's bit jannin, so enjoy the sun,
you have Mazal tov
Bonnes vacances et

Anonymous said...

Precies, exactly
No problem, just asked in the first place if S. is in the south of NL to drop by for a friends welcome.

I am aware that it might be confusing, but so is Lebanese and Arabic for me.

This blog is supposed to be one among friends, so: warm regards to every one from us, friends and supporters of the Lebanese people.


Daniël said...

Wat een gekkenhuis, zeg!!

Who are you people to decide in what language people should react on someone else's weblog?

I guess that if you were so concerned about this blog, you would not write about Sietske's native language the way you did...... You don't even have the decency to publish your comment with a proper senders name, I mean: who are you???

Ever heard of translate.google.com or is that too much trouble to take?

Phew.........some people.....

Sietske: fijne vakantie, geniet van het samenzijn met je familie. Jammer van het weer....

Anonymous said...

In English ya 7abibé daniëls, in English, ok ????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you that stubborn and intellectually limited to understand that we are really annoyed when you express yourself in a language noone understands ????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lok ayré fik, enta ou leghtak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vous commencez sérieusement à nous pomper l'air (et je reste poli), daniel !

Comme dit l'autre anonymous, votre langue est indésirable sur ce forum ! On parle anglais ici (et promis, je n'écrirai plus en français), ou on se tait, d'accord ?

Signé : Un Libanais

Anonymous said...

This forum is not for the Lebanese, and it does not matter if they write in English, French or Arabic. This forum is for non-Lebanese only, and it's about Lebanon, it is for foreigners lauging about the Lebanese. The Lebanese themselves should gather somewhere else, not here. Don't you agree Dimphy?

Daniël said...

Comme dit l'autre anonymous, votre langue est indésirable sur ce forum ! On parle anglais ici (et promis, je n'écrirai plus en français), ou on se tait, d'accord?

And who are you that you think you can set the rules for someone elses guestbook (or forum as you like to call it)?

And by the way, my name is written with two dots on the e, like this: ë. If you write my name, please try to do it correctly.

(laatste bericht omdat ik geenszins van plan ben het gastenboek van Sietske zo te vervuilen)

Anonymous said...

Pff.... Woher kommt den dieser Daniël? Stressvogel, nicht?

Anonymous said...

Non, non, daniel, maintenant, ça suffit !!

Notre amie Sietske (I wish her to spend a very pleasant summer, and I'm waiting for her to return in order to read other interesting posts about Lebanon) a-t-elle écrit un seul post en neerlandais sur tout ce blog ???!!!

Non !!! Eh bien, mon petit, cela veut dire qu'une règle implicite a été instaurée : ICI, ON NE S'EXPRIME QU'EN ANGLAIS !!!!!!

Tu veux t'amuser à parler ta langue : communique par e-mail, utilise ton téléphone, CE BLOG EST PUBLIC ET NON RESERVE AUX HOLLANDAIS !!!!!

Fhémet Halla2 ?? Compris ?? Understood ?? je begrijpen ?????

Maintenant daniel, ne dis plus un seul mot !!!

Un Libanais

PS :

@ anonymous 9:09

I was eager to notice that Dimphy had started commenting fully in English, but you're indeed right to say that there is some sarcasm in the last sentence !

@ anonymous 8:09

hahaha, walla ma3ak 7a2 !!!

Anonymous said...


Not at all. I do have Lebanese friends IN Lebanon and even raised a foundation in Holland to support chronical patients IN Lebanon.

My heart is crying when I read all those comments!

How does any other of you support Lebanon?? I see some friends drop by, but unfortunate a lot of others that do not understand friendship and loyalty at all.
Where the …… are you from?
NO, I DO NOT AGREE WITH ANONYMUS nr.…… "The Lebanese themselves should gather somewhere else, not here."

Please stop arguing about my first phrase and the whole discussion about languages taht followed it up.


Anonymous said...

I'm the anonymous @ 1:19 PM, I'm Lebanese, and I think the rest of you Lebanese acting like annoying & obnoxious morons here are absolute losers who have nothing else to do all day except poison the lives of others.

I suggest for Sietske to not allow anonymous comments anymore here or at least to moderate comments.

I will not sign in with my blogger ID simply because I want to avoid a troll invasion on my blog, not because I'm concealing my identity like the rest of you.

Go get a life!!

Kheireddine said...

Shame on some comments posted before & I agree with Dimphy & Daniël, who are you to dictate what language should be used on Seitske's blog?
And for the "Lebanese" who posted insults at 8:09 PM, 3ayb 3leik, ma 3ajabak? Izan Rou7 dobb 7alak! (shame on you, you don't like it? Then get lost!)

Anonymous said...

Wallaw !!!!!!! ma bet def3o 3ala el lebnenniyé ???!!!!!
Mankon ok ???!!! Sketo laken, bass ma teksoro kelmet gheir lebnenniyé, ok ??????!!!!!!!
3ayb 3ayb 3ayb, abou kheir ou anonymous 11:48.

(I said : shame, shame on you, anon and kheireddine, for not getting by our side, then by promoting the use of english on this blog)

Anonymous said...

yes... it is not difficult to see why the Lebanese make such a mess of their own country...

Anonymous said...

@ 12:06

Unacceptable racism ! You, as a Northern European, you're guilty for having ancestors who killed our brothers, the jews. Your next target is other Levantine semites, that is to say Lebanese !!
Monster !!! Shame on you, shame on your horrible history !!!!

Anonymous said...

Want to add something to this, anyone?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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