June 17, 2008

Shoe Harassment

While walking my daughter to school this morning, a guy – in his early twenties – in an orange T-shirts walks up to me and asks: "Can I ask you a question?”

I wait, assuming he is going to ask me how to get to a place somewhere.

He says; “What is your shoe size, because I like . . . .”

I didn’t wait to hear the rest of it. I walked right on. I was I no mood to have some idiot with a foot fetish harass me in the street at 7:30 A.M. while I've got my child with me. What was he thinking!

The man did not follow me, and did not try to ask me anything else.

And right now, I am burning with curiosity. It could have been some sicko wanting to suck my toes (don’t laugh; you have no idea what kind of people are out there!)
But what if he wanted to ask something totally different? What if it was something wildly interesting? So interesting that I cannot even think of something that would be as interesting as that? My imagination abandons me here. Do you have an idea of what he could have been wanting to ask me?


Anonymous said...

Oh come on Siets, don't be ignorant, tilt your head downwards and look at your feet: you know what he wants!

Rami said...

If he really has a foot fetish, then does the shoe size really matters?

maybe he's just interested in your shoes only, and not your feet.

Bata said...

so what is your shoe size?

Anonymous said...

nono, don't think she will tell you...

nicolien said...

I once had a guy ask me a similar question, and it turned out he wanted to buy his girlfriend a t-shirt and she refused to tell him her size. At least, that was his explanation. And I know of male friends who have jumped through similar hoops to surprise their girlfriends... So who knows which woman you have denied those pretty shoes of yours? ;)

Tantalus said...
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Tantalus said...

It may sound absurd, but what if...just what if...

At 6:58am that morning, a young man in his early twenties wakes up from a nightmare in which he saw an axe murderer chop up a woman on the street. The nightmare was so lucid, he woke up with a gut feeling that this was definitely a premonition.

With sweat still dripping from his frightened face, the boy gets up, puts on his orange shirt and heads to the street to look for the woman who is about to be axed.

As he hits the streets at 7:23am, all he could remember from his dream was that the woman was walking her daughter to school and had a specific shoe-size. 36. He remembers these two details from his vivid nightmare.

He looks right, and then looks left, and is filled with frustration as he realizes that the street is full of women who are walking their daughters to school.

In a moment of clouded thinking, his wristwatch showing 7:30am, he approaches the first woman on his path and asks her about her shoe size. She walked right on because she assumes that he was some idiot with a foot fetish.

Meanwhile, the perplexed young man roams the street asking women for their shoe sizes, hoping to save some poor woman from an ugly fate.

Almost 12 hours later, at 7:12pm, a woman clicks "publish" on her blogger screen and shares the curious event with the world. At 7:12pm, a young man takes off his orange shirt, sits in the chair, turns on the TV and waits for the news bulletin to find out if a woman with 36 shoe size and a young daughter was axed to death.

Maybe. Who knows.

You said it: "You have no idea what kind of people are out there!"

Rami said...

GOD! What an imagination you have man!!!

Tantalus said...

She asked!


Anonymous said...

Thank god I'm not a 36! So it wasn't me. :) But you know? What if?

Rita said...

I am curious, what shoes were you wearing? Where were they from and was there anything interesting about them? Was he speaking english or arabic? Was he well groomed or not?

whynot? said...

it s the daughter he s after!

Père Jacob el Yappouchi said...

people! people! please, behave!

the guy with the orange t-shirt:
a 3aounist undercover gathering infos on Dutch Fairies living in Ras Beirut, of course!

O Dutch Fairy you have to watch out from the man with the orange tea-shirt (and little nasty spiders!)

CountingPennies said...

Your readers have some interesting ideas here :)
I would've guessed he wanted to know about the shoes too. Maybe he wanted to get the same for the girlfriend (or who knows who) and you just made the girl incredibly unhappy. Shame on you :)

Anonymous said...

I am a so-called foot fetishist and I am ashamed of it. I can confim that asking out the shoe size is one of the first things I do when I want to harass someone in chat.