June 03, 2007

And the Beat Goes on

I had planned to go to Ain el-Heloue today, to talk to some people of Esbat el Ansar. I decided against it, because these days (since May 20) you need - as a foreigner that is - army permission to get into that camp. It takes a couple of days to organize it, and I did not have time for that.
Gone are the days when I just would barge in, get the Fatah guy out of his bed and have him walk me, in his payamas and slippers, to the Esbat Ansar guys who were exchanging graphics with each other for their mobile phone about airplanes crashing into twin towers.
In retrospect, I think maybe I should have gone anyway. No story as bad as a missed one. Here are some updates on that story.

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Bedouina said...

Um, you did not want to be in Ain el-Helweh on Sunday. I called my uncle who lives on the edge of the area (on the northern fork of the Mieh-Mieh road). It was just after midnight Lebanon time, Monday morning, and the shelling had started up again. He was very, very concerned. I have not heard him that worried. I next called my other uncle half a kilometer up the hill, in MIeh-Mieh proper. He said he could see what was happening - fighting aroudn the American school , fire back and forth with the Lebanese army outpost just north of that. He, too, sounded concerned. He says he's been in worse but this is not good at all.

It's now 9 hours later, morning in Lebanon, and I hope the night got quiet. I don't want to call again and harass them.

Thank you for your reporting. Stay safe!