December 02, 2006

The Day After

Read my article here (In Dutch).
I came across this interesting picture. I ‘borrowed’ it from
here. (This guy often has good pictures.) What you see is one of the main roads leading to Ashrafiya, a christian neighborhood. The army (you can see the soldiers and their equipment) has cordoned off the neighborhood to prevent Hezbollah followers to get into the area and provoke the inhabitants into fighting. The mood in that neighborhood is already tense, especially after fighting between christian parties broke out last Sunday. But who is standing right in front of the army? The infamous Hezbollah crowd-control people (with their white caps), who are in the first line of defense, so to speak. Hezbollah did not want any trouble yesterday.
The gap between the different communities, in the meatnime, is widening,
according to a poll. I don’t need a poll in order to have noticed that.

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Michael van Eekeren said...

Spannend stuk, interessant om te lezen, mooie foto.