November 16, 2006

Joy to the World; My Wallet is Back!

Ah Ya habibi! My faith in the Lebanese – although it never really wavered – has been fully restored! Someone from Dayiha called hubbie with the message that my wallet (lost on Hezbollah’s Divine Victory Rally way back in September) had been ‘found’. How do I know he was from Dahiya? Because that's where we could pick it up. (got his phone number too)
Okay, so it took some time, like uh, 60 days (?), but hey, who's complaining? Not me! I do not have to run all around town now for months on end getting all my papers back again. My credit cards had already been replaced, but getting a new ID and the whole shebang in this place is good for a serious migraine.
Anyway, the caller said he had found the wallet empty (without money, that is), and what was in it for him? We had to pick it up in the suburbs, right in the place facing the Hezbollah Press Office (the new one; the old one was being ‘remodeled’, explained the spokesman of Hezbollah), where the Jihad al-Binaa has its temporary offices (they too are having their old hang-out ‘remodeled’.) Doesn’t matter; I got my wallet back. Thanks man, whoever you are. I really appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Mabrouk for getting back your wallet.
I have a question: Is it true that the Dutch are migrating from Holland in a fast rate than before? Any reasons for their migration in big numbers?

Sietske said...

I have no idea. I know many of them are leaving for countries like Canada or Australia and the likes because they find that Dutch society is getting strangled by an excessive rule oriented administration. But I wouldn't know whether they are leaving in big numbers. I left over 18 years ago now, so I'm a bit out of 'Dutch'.