October 17, 2006

It could be California,

Picture taken on October 17, 2006, at 5:47, Corniche, West Beirut, Lebanon

except that it’s safer here. (Huh? What is she saying?)

California Crime Index Rates Per 100,000 Inhabitants
(so multiply it with 37 to get approximate Lebanese figures)
523.6 violent crimes
3,322.6 property crimes
6.9 murders
26.0 rapes
176.1 robberies
317.3 assault
693.3 burglaries
1,916.5 thefts
712.8 stolen vehicles

We do have occasional bombings though, and you might be targeted by an RPG when exiting a night club. Other than that, I don’t think we fare so poorly.


Ysbrand said...

so how may rapes do you have in lebanon? just to compare...

Anonymous said...

I might be biased, but I am going to say it actually looks nicer than California.

Sietske in Beiroet said...

Haal mijn rekenmachientje erbij. Dat is 962 rapes op een bevolking van 4 miljoen, tenzij je de mannen erbuiten laat, en dan is het 962 per 2 miljoen. Dat is 1 per 2079. Hm. Toch wel veel

Ysbrand said...

You lost me. 1 on 2079, is that for California or for Lebanon? And if that is for California, then what is the figure for Lebanon?

Riemer Brouwer said...

"it could be california"...except for the fact that theft of purses is still news here, i kid you not.

The English newspaper Daily Star has a section with police reports and it's fascinating to read:

1 purse stolen from Mrs. so-and-so, purse had around 200 USD in it and personal belongings
1 wallet stolen from Mr. so-and-so, it included 150 USD, a driver license and personal belongings
1 car stolen, etc. etc.

Well, not really "etc. etc." because the usual catch of the day is perhaps two purses and 1 car.

People might have a hard time believing this, but Lebanon and pretty much all of the Arab world is very, very safe (obvious exception: Iraq). You can walk anywhere in Beirut at any time of day or night, male or female and nothing would happen to you.

Anonymous said...

True, but it's less safe lately. The army check points put on highways and other major roads were very effective. It's nice they are gone, though they were usefull for crime prevention. As for the gulf states: Those are police states. Big brother knows everything about everyone. No need to close your frontdoor. One can even leave his keys inside the car