September 17, 2006

You Want To Do Something For Your Country?

So now the pope has put his foot in his mouth. And everyone is on his/her high horse again.
This whole religion business is becoming rather exasperating. Doesn’t anybody else tire of the issue? Cartoons that offend, a pope that upsets people, Crusaders and inquisition, holy war and what not all.

I myself am very much fed up with the whole religion issue, and I think my best contribution to this society has been to marry someone of a different faith. And when I think about it, all my good friends are mixed couples. We’ve got a christian-druze couple, a catholic-sunni, an orthodox-sunni, a shia-protestant, a shia-sunni, to name just a few. And these are all marriages of 13 years or more. They all have kids that are oblivious to the fact whether someone is a christian or a druze or a muslim.

You want to do something for your country? Marry someone from the other sect.

And make it fast. Time is running out.

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everforever said...

Excellent idea. I did that 16 years ago, a sunni-budhist union.