September 05, 2006

Priorities and Cluster Bombs

What a fantastic view these people had.
Tomorrow I am going to the South again on a Fact Finding mission with several NGO’s on cluster bombs. Cluster bombs are a complex problem in several ways, I found out.
The first problem is that they are currently disrupting life in the south, and will probably continue to do so far many months, if not several years, to come.
The second problem is that the understand cluster bombs, you need to have a highly technical mind. As I am interviewing people, I come across abbreviations such as EOD, BAC, MACSL, CMC, NGO, NDO, MAG, BACTEC, UNMAS, M26 and these are not even half of them.

In case you wonder where the 288 stands for, no, this is not the house number. This is house #288 on this village that is destroyed.

Oh yes, if you see UXO on buildings in red in the south, don't enter! It means 'UnExploded Ordenance" . I remembered that one. More than 12 people have been killed due to clusterbombs after the cease fire.

I saw this news program yesterday morning on Israeli TV (Yes, you can receive that here in Beirut) where a lady almost blew her top over the fact that the first words her grand daughter learned were “Red Alert’. And I was thinking, well, you know, you still have a grand daughter. In Cana 34 children died in one bombing. And her grand daughter still has a grandmother. I guess it is all about priorities.

And the cleaning continues

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Laila said...

Hello from Iran!

Dear Sietske,
Through a lebanese blog I was directed to your blog a couple of months ago, when you still were in Beirut and hadn't left for holdiays. For some reasons, I am interested in Lebanese people, their life and politics and you were really a big help in understanding the situation and conveying the real taste of life there. May be because like me you were an outsider in a way. Beside checking your blog regularly, I have visited the whole archive of you and read everything there. And I really enjoyed it. Your way of look to the issues, the things that you love to register, everything was so nice and appealing to me. Thanks for your work!
Good luck with the good job there. Keep safe and take care!