September 25, 2006

On Rain and Lost Wallets

So I lost my wallet at the Hezbollah rally on Friday. In the women’s section.

Some of my friends thought that was exactly what I deserved. “Serves you well for attending things like THAT”, I was almost spat at.
Other said “Don’t worry. Hezbollahs don’t steal. You’ll get your wallet back. If they see the wallet belongs to a foreigner, they’ll even bring it to your house.”
That’s what you get when you have acquaintances on both side of the Lebanese political spectrum. I kind of like these opposites.
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Today was the first day of rain. I love the first rains.
Dust of many summer months gets washed down the streets.
The sky clears up. Fall is on its way.
We’ll have many more warm days,
but the summer is now officially over.span>

I have to hand it to the Lebanese. In the 16 years that I live here, nothing ever got stolen from me. I leave my car open all the time, but still have my cars stereo. In Holland, you lock your car, and you still end up without a car stereo. I’ve lost wallets and golden bracelets, I’ve left entire shopping bags in shops, and once I even forgot a child; but everything was returned to me. My hubbie’s Harley Davidson got stolen though, but that one ended up in Syria, so you can’t really consider that a local theft.

Now let’s see if I get my wallet back. I don’t mind about the money, but if you have an idea of how bureaucracy functions over, you can imagine how long it will take me (including the aggravation) to get all these papers replaced.
I’ve called the Hezbollah office like 9 times now, but they are very good at refusing to respond. That surprises me a little. I thought they’d be a little more helpful in this matter, it was after all at their rally that I lost my wallet. You're not going to tell me that these little ladies in chador actually pickpocket, are you?

So if anyone who is connected to Hezbollah, and reading this post, please be magnanimous, and look into the matter, will ya? They can keep the money. What am I saying? I will even throw in a $100, as long as I get my wallet back. It’s black. It has a permission paper from the Ministry of Information in it, that shows I can work as a journalist in this country, can't miss it.

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Jamal said...

wait that's the entrance to my apartment building, and my car.

i love rainy season here, but it's time i get a pair shoes without holes in their soles.